1. Pick Pro Warehousing Control System Software
    • Interfacing to an upper level host system (ERP or WMS) and exchanging information required to manage the daily operations of the distribtion center.
    • Providing real-time directives to operators and material handling equipment controllers to accomplish the order fullment and product routing requirements
    • Allocating work to the various material handling sub-systems to balance system activity to complete the requested workload.
    • Dynamically assign cartons to divert locations based on defined sortation algorythms or based on routing/order information received from the host.
    • Generate result data files for reporting and/or upload by the Host System.
    • Collect statistical data on the operational performance of the syustem to enable operations personel to maintain the equipment in peak performance.
    • At each decision point, the WCS determines the most efficient routing of the product and transmits directives to the equipment controllers to achieve the desired result.
  2. Pick to Light
    • Lights guide the pick or put to a location and quantity - "paperless" increases efficiency and accuracy - 99%!
  3. Sort Bars
    • Sort picked items into batched orders being picked. Also used to batch puts in receiving.
  4. Vertical Lift modules
    • Up to 80% reduction in space utilization.
    • +50% reduction in operational costs.
    • Protection against loss. Full traceability.
    • Only truly ergonamic solution on the market.
  5. Horizontal and Vertical Carousels
    • Optimizing picking through design of "PODS" of carousel reducing pick times and increasing throughput.
    • Improved Accuracy especially when utilizing Pick to Light with the carousels (normally used together).
    • Space Savings - 60-80% reduction.
    • Extends order cutoff time due to increased throughput.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased Productivity through product to picker.
  • Decreased picker search time.
  • Throughput rates up to 500 lines per hour.
  • Space Savings due to vertical utilization – 30-65% space savings.
  • Security is enhanced trough ability to lock product and control access.
  • Improve order cut-off times to better serve customers.
  • Improved location management bettering inventory integrity.
  • Less management of pickers and more focus on productivity.