Pallet Rack Upright Repair

McGee's Goal in Rack Repair

Goal is to replace the damaged portion of the upright and strengthen portion of upright currently damaged with a solution that minimizes the same result. We adhere to RMI Specification - Section 1.4.9.


Typical Pallet Rack Repair Procedure

  • Upon visible damage, the pertinent portions of the rack shall be unloaded immediately by the user until the damaged portion is repaired or replaced.
  • Bottom rack level on both sides of upright to be repaired must be emptied (assuming beam level is below rack repair level).
  • A 10 ton Hydraulic ball jack then engages the racking and takes the weight off the area of the upright to be repaired
  • The portion of the upright damaged is cut loose along with horizontal brace and diagonal brace. Repair kit is inserted and welded (bolted options also available) into place and anchored.