In-Plant Offices

In-plant office systems are engineered to provide design flexibility, excellent durability and quick and easy installation. New interior or exterior structures can be added to your facilities with minimal disruption to your existing operations. Whenever an enclosed space is needed that must be installed quickly and without mess. Modular In-Plant Offices are the perfect solution.

Typical Applications include modular Warehouse or In-Plant Office Structures, Partitions, Break Rooms, Conference Rooms, Observation Towers, Guard Shacks, Clean Rooms, Environmentally Controlled Rooms, Sound Control Rooms, Smoking Shelters, Machine Enclosures and more.

The Benefits of Modular Construction

  • Pre-engineered Design - Modular structures do not require the expertise of engineers or architects
  • Pre-Fabricated - The use of pre-fabricated components minimizes on-site construction interruptions and eliminates most noise (pounding) , odor (paint), dust and debris typically associated with conventional construction projects
  • Durability - All components are manufactured with high quality materials to meet sound and environmental factors.
  • Expandable - Modular components are interchangeable, and provide access for electrical wire passages so that structures can expand (and contract) with relative ease.
  • Sound Quality - Modular panels can be designed to insulate sound as needed
  • Cost Savings - Modular construction can save up to 30% of your structure investment
  • Tax Savings - In most cases modular construction is depreciable in just seven (7) years vs. 33 years for conventional construction.
McGee proudly teams with Panel Built, Inc., among other manufacturers, to recommend a structure most suitable to your current facility and operating environment.
Panel built in-plant office
Panel Built in-plant office
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