Industrial Shelving

Whether you're looking for Steel Shelving, Wire Shelving, Rivet Shelving or Bulk /"Wide-Span" Shelving, McGee can recommend the ideal mix for your shelving solution. Consideration must be given to the variety of product sizes and weights you are storing, the amount visibility, air circulation or security that may be required, along with the storage climate and working conditions.

McGee proudly represents Tennsco Corporation and Tri-Boro Shelving & Partition Corp., along with other reputable industrial shelving manufacturers.

Refer to Industrial Shelving Info (below), to help determine what type of shelving might best suit your storage needs.
high rise rivet shelving in warehouse
Item Shelving in Warehouse
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Steel Shelving

Steel Shelving is the most commonly used for hand pick/place parts and carton storage systems. Industrial Shelving systems can range from basic floor access picks to high rise systems with order pickers.

Shelves are adjustable to accommodate a variety of product/carton sizes, and a wide range shelf sizes are available. Standard shelf widths include 24", 30", 36", 42" and 48". Standard shelf depths include 12", 15", 18", 24", 30", 32" and 36".

Open and Closed configurations are available. Open Shelf units use sway bracing for support, while Closed Shelf units use solid backs and side supports.

Shelving units can use either Nut & Bolt, or Clip assembly. Optional accessories, such as shelf dividers and partial dividers are commonly used, especially in file shelving applications.

Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving provides an open grid "clean" shelving system, designed to minimize dust accumulation, improve air circulation and provides greater visibility of stored products. Wire shelving is commonly used in restaurants and food service, hospitals and pharmaceutical, retail industries and electronic assembly environments.

A range of finishes are available to accommodate a wide range of storage environments and working conditions. Silver epoxy powder coat provides the most economical solution, with stainless steel representing the highest quality.

Shelves are adjustable and can be repositioned in 1" increments, to accommodate storage items of different heights. Slant shelves, triangle shelves, cradled shelves and grid panels are available to accommodate a number of merchandise display applications. Casters are also available to accommodate mobile requirements.

Rivet Shelving

Installation is simple and easy using a snap-in rivet design that requires no bolts or clips to assemble. A steel framework is combined with either industrial-grade particleboard shelves or wire decks, to adapt to a variety of storage requirements. Individual shelves can adjust in 1 1/2 inch vertical increments, and unit configurations can accommodate low profile, medium profile and wide profile storage requirements. Capacity can range up to 1,500 lbs per shelf.

Versatile dimensions and optional accessories make Rivet shelving ideal for bulk storage, retail storage & display, and record storage applications.

Bulk Shelving - "Wide Span"

Bulk Storage Shelving is best suited where large, heavier items are stored and hand picked in a warehouse or factory setting. Shelves made of heavy duty steel, either 20 or 22 gauge, can span up to 96" wide x 54" deep. Shelves are adjustable, and can handle loads up to 2,000 pounds per shelf. Bulk Storage Systems can range from can range from basic floor access picks to high rise systems with order pickers.

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