Core Values of McGee Storage & Handling

Our core values serve as a guideline for our behavior, the decisions we make, and the relationships we nurture. Our company culture can be characterized through these ideals.

Utmost Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We believe in a consultative, face-to-face approach to solving challenges. Initial success fosters trust and builds long-lasting relationships. Acting with an owner mentality, we take responsibility for each new project challenge and learn from hands-on participation with our clients.

Attract and Empower the Best

Expertise in material handling and storage solutions comes with on-the-job experience. We attract and retain talent with industry experience, product and application knowledge. Ongoing education is promoted through our suppliers. Credibility is established from the knowledge and experience we share with our customers.

Intentional Value Creation

We offer meaningful value to our customers by providing at least one solution alternative that may lower their initial investment, or provide increased productivity with reduced operational expense. Our standard practice is to recommend newly manufactured, high-quality products to our customers. Alternative suppliers and used material may be mixed into some portion of a project to suitably meet the challenge, yet provide a more cost-effective solution.

Win-Win Vendor Partnerships

Our manufacturers, suppliers and sub-contractors play a vital role to our continued success. We treat them with respect, fairness and integrity in all business dealings. We communicate regularly and openly with our suppliers to insure specifications and turnaround time are met. Together, we provide innovative solutions to challenges at the forefront of industry.

Financial Stability and Sustained Growth

We earn profits through the ongoing success of our customers. We embrace new business practices and tools that will increase efficiencies and expand our margin. Profits are essential to maintaining job satisfaction and security for our employees and sub-contractors. In a healthy economy, profits create additional capital for sustained growth.

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