Case Study - Corporate Storage

Corporate Storage – Adapting to Expanding Needs

Corporate Storage is a third-party logistics company offering secured dry storage, climate-controlled storage, flexible spaces, and barcode-tracked storage in North Georgia. Due to industry trends, Third Party Logistics (3PL) as an industry has been rapidly growing and Corporate Storage was no different. They partnered with McGee Storage and Handling to help expand their warehouse space and adapt to changes in industry trends.

The Mission

Corporate Storage’s ultimate goal was to expand the storage capacity within their warehouses, helping them to expand to increased demand from customers looking to store and manage goods with them. McGee Storage & Handling partnered with Corporate Storage to provide CAD drawings and plans and then later build out those planned storage solutions for the company. Corporate Storage needed to be able to efficiently manage a wide variety of product and ensure Safe Quality Food standards for their storage and picking procedures.

The Challenge

The principal challenge of this project was related to optimizing the storage capacity of an existing space that needed to accommodate many different types of storage, including food products. McGee provided initial drawings and supported Corporate Storage’s ongoing changing needs by amending the drawings with turnaround times as quick as the same day that design implementation began.

The Results

According to Debbie Cofer, COO of Corporate Storage, McGee’s ability to pivot and edit designs with extremely quick return times allowed the final product to exceed expectations. McGee Storage and Handling installed 10,558 pallet positions across three of Corporate Storage's warehouses, significantly increasing their storage space and helping them to better utilize existing surface area.

CAD Drawing representative of a portion of the Corporate Storage expansion.
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