Tucker Door and Trim - Monroe GA

Tucker Door and Trim - Expansion

Management at Tucker Door and Trim in Monroe GA found themselves in a dilemma in 2018 due to record sales and increased manufacturing volume.  More front office space was needed for additional personnel.  Also - the shipping area needed a long awaited upgrade to better the comfort of employees and properly greet truckers who were picking up shipments.  These two goals needed to be accomplished quickly and no ground floor space was available for expansion.

The Mission

Tucker Door and Trim in Monroe GA is a manufacturer of Door Assembly for the construction industry.  They reached out to McGee to add needed office space both in the front office and shipping / receiving area and create additional storage space.  

The Challenge

The front office extension was a challenge due to an existing shop mezzanine that was put in years ago.   Furthermore two entrances were needed:  1) access through an existing conference room and then 2)  A secured entrance from outside the existing office space via top of staircase.   The shipping receiving area demanded a driver friendly entrance while creating storage above. 

The Solution

For the front office a steel mezzanine structure was butted up against the existing shop room then the structure was built on top of the newly created surface.  A framed opening was made around the existing conference room for access within the current office.  To access from the stairwell a vestibule with card access was created.  The result was four new private offices and center “pit” area for gathering.  The Shipping / Receiving office must allow drivers access to staff inside building.  This was accomplished by adding a slide window.  To assure no storage area was lost it was decided to build a separate, free standing structure above offices.  This allows full flexibility in the future to relocate / expand etc.  

The Results

Tucker Door and Trim lost no existing floor space and gained four offices, a gathering (conference) area, a Shipping / Receiving Office with Storage via Mezzanine above.  

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