Wire Partitions

Wire partitioning, cages and mesh enclosures allow work space to be more effectively separated, managed and secured. Partitions can be used to divide portions of floor space or separate employees from hazardous areas and industrial machinery. Wire mesh enclosures and cages are commonly used to secure high-value inventory items, more susceptible to theft.
wire partitions
Wire Partitions

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Modular Wire Partitioning

Modular Wire Partitioning offers near unlimited versatility to meet most any requirement. Engineered in its design is the ability to relocate and change the configuration without destroying the panels.

Common applications where wire partitions are utilized include:

  • Tool Cribs
  • DEA Approved Cages
  • Evidence Storage
  • Tenant Lockers
  • Data Center Server Network Equipment Cages
  • Retail operatons utilize wire mesh enclosures for securing off-floor high-value inventory items such as electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, liquor and wine.
McGee has successfully implemented solutions using product from WireCrafters and SpaceGuard Products, as examples.
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