Professional Services

McGee offers professional services that include project consulting, design and layout, engineered drawings, permit preparation, project management, delivery, installation labor and job equipment rental.

Project Consulting

McGee's complimentary consultation services remain within the scope of architecting and optimizing our final proposed, material handling solution. Within reason, this includes needs assessment, design and layout/engineering options, product or manufacturer alternatives and project management throughout implementation. For large-scale, multi-phase jobs, we are happy to work hand-in-hand with your third-party consultant to provide us the pertinent data relative to the material handling requirements of any project. It is vital that we value the effort and investment you may have already made in consultation of Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Material Requirements Planning. Our goal is to compliment both the data and integration efforts that may be required.

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Design & Layout

At McGee we pride ourselves on creating value added solutions using decades of material handling experience. Oftentimes, we earn our customers trust and business by consulting, designing and recommending at least one alternative solution that may accomplish the task(s) and decision criteria at a greater value proposition. Our primary role is to recommend and implement a material handling solution that both meets your project requirements and maintains your satisfaction as a customer testimonial.


Engineering & Permit Preparation

Each County in the United States has its own codes and permit requirements. McGee understands this from experience. Our priority early in a project is to investigate what is required to meet code in the county where the project will be installed and to follow their written guidelines verbatim. McGee works with third-party, licensed structural engineers to properly design every project for sign-off. To meet specification, McGee works with established, subcontractors and is willing to perform the role of a general contractor if deemed necessary. Fire consultation, Sprinkler installation and Electrical are just three common areas that McGee has been asked to take charge. Fees for Subcontractor services and actual County Permit Fees are billed to the project and paid for by the client.

Project Management

Open, two-way communication is vital throughout all phases of a project is deemed the primary success factor in reaching defined milestones, according to an established time line and budget. McGee assigns a Project Manager to all large-scale projects, whose role is to coordinate all McGee resources assigned to the project team, and to serve as the primary liaison with the client lead. Regular conference calls are scheduled to review progress and deliverables within each major milestone. Within reason, project management services are complimentary. It is vital we stay involved in any aspect of the project that McGee has ownership or control over.

Equipment Repair Services

McGee Storage & Handling will repair your pallet racking at your location. More Info

Delivery & Installation

McGee has its' own trucks for delivery requests of small and mid-size loads to destinations within the Atlanta metro area. Large scale projects often require the use of third party freight carriers or flat bed trucks to accommodate the volume, weight and dimension of materials. Where customers have a preferred list of pre-approved freight carriers, we are happy to accommodate your request to ship the material collect.

McGee also provides installation services, using appropriately equipped personnel with years of industry experience, to insure that our proposed solution is implemented as planned and to your full satisfaction. McGee uses a combination of employees and subcontractors to deploy the proper expertise and skill set required of the project. Installers are fully insured and trained to install the product or solution being implemented. For large-scale projects, a Job Foreman is assigned to oversee all McGee laborers on site. Your satisfaction translates to another success story.

McGee provides local delivery in Metro-Atlanta, GA
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