Supply Chain in the COVID-19 Era

You may be wondering, "What does the COVID-19 pandemic mean for the distribution and supply chain industry?" We will touch on the role of supply chain management in our current circumstances and how this chain will develop as a result of the current high demand. 

Supply Chain Management

First of all, most of America had not heard of, or given much thought to "supply chain" before COVID-19. However, the tides quickly changed. In President Trump's nightly pandemic updates, the supply chain is often referenced as being a strong and positive contributing factor in dispersing necessary materials to the areas in need. Simply put, America's supply chain and its network is the backbone of the distribution of products from suppliers to end users. To be more specific – this includes obtaining raw materials, creating finished products, and then moving those products to the end user. 

So, what is the future of the supply chain industry when COVID-19 becomes a memory? 

Before we start predicting, let's look at what industries are involved. The supply chain is as follows:

  1. Producers
  2. Vendors
  3. Warehousing
  4. Transportation
  5. Distribution
  6. Retailers, and
  7. End Users

The Future is Bright

The importance of these industries to American security (financial and emotional) has never been greater. The greatest armed forces in the world are worthless without a strong supply chain and we are realizing even an unseen ghost virus like COVID-19 demands robust resources to kill it. 

The future is bright, and the supply chain industry will continue to evolve. Who knows, maybe drones will in fact deliver packages to our homes. Innovation is swift when it comes to the making, picking, and moving of products. Robots pick and place pieces. Lights direct pickers. Pieces to be picked come to stationary pickers. Unmanned, automated guided vehicles move products. If it's more efficient, it wins. A cutting-edge supply chain is fed by continuous improvement - God Bless capitalism! 

American manufacturing could ultimately benefit from this lesson as we recognize that relying on one country to supply so much of our product may jeopardize American security. Bringing more manufacturing back to our country will only grow the current supply chain. In fact, the financial justification of bringing manufacturing back to the USA has a great deal to do with America's stout supply chain. 

McGee is proud to be part of the Materials Handling sector, and essential business under the Commercial Facilities Sector, supporting America's supply chain industry. The future of this once little-known niche is one of significant growth. High Schoolers may not be enamored with the idea of proclaiming "supply chain" is their future. Change Happens! 

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