Three Benefits to Order Picking Carts in Your Warehouse

Pick carts are often one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment inside of warehouses and distribution centers, yet when utilized properly, they can improve your employee's workflow and help maximize productivity for your business. 

While the material handling industry may be moving towards Goods-to-Person-Picking, that doesn't mean that order picking carts will be going away anytime soon. At McGee Storage & Handling, we have helped many customers implement order picking carts to help their productivity and functionality, so lets review some of their great benefits:

Designed With Your Picks in Mind

In modern warehouses, software is driving nearly all of the picks. When those picks are generated internally, either to move, to consolidate, or to build, someone must retrieve and deliver the products. So, when it comes to order picking carts, there is truly no "one-size-fits-all" approach.

When thinking about an order picking cart that works for your business, you have to consider a few things. What do your picks look like? How big are they? How heavy are they? Do they come on a case or pallet? Are they picked to tote? You could go on and on, and at the end of the day if the order pick cart isn't tailored to fit your picks, it cannot benefit your warehouse properly. 

McGee Storage & Handling is ready to provide a tailored solution to your order picking needs that will maximize your business capabilities. Here's a great example of an order picking cart for a clothing-based 3PL. With this two-sided cubby cart, they were able to pick up 24 orders at a time. The cart also included the help of the attached five-step ladder which put more products in reach of the picker.

Employee Ergonomics

As the desk chair and keyboard are to the office employee, the extension of an order picking employee is the pick cart. Offices all across the world spend money to ensure that employee workstations are ergonomically comfortable for a hard day's work, so why shouldn't our warehouses and distribution centers do the same?

An investment into an order picking cart is one that will bring many benefits not only to your efficiency and productivity, but to your employee's comfort levels as well. 

Order Picker Cart designed to pick 9 orders at once direct to cardboard shipper and area was incorporated below for empty plastic totes.

A Worthy Investment

It's important to remember certain factors when considering order picking carts, as some people are often surprised at their cost. Custom designed order picking carts are typically made to easily last 10 years or so with proper maintenance.

When you factor in how many days a year your order picking carts would make a difference in your warehouse, you start to realize that a good cart should only cost a few dollars a day. Considering how much of a great impact these carts make on picking productivity, that cost becomes well worth it.

Overall, order pick carts are a great way to maximize productivity and efficiency in a safe and comfortable way. They're an investment that, over time, will prove to be worth every penny to produce a better work environment for your warehouse or distribution center. Call McGee Storage & Handling today for a free consultation! 

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